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Friday, August 22, 2014

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL???!!!!!

Oh, I definitely am!! Although I played was on the volleyball team in high school, I've never been much into playing sports. I do LOVE watching football, though! It's one sport I understand and enjoy. I've been a cheer mom for several years, but this is my first year as a football mom. I can't even explain to you how excited I am about it. #1 Son has never had an interest in playing before - basketball,, no - but one afternoon last spring he surprised me by saying, "Mom, I'm going to talk to Coach about playing football." And that was that. From weight lifting to cleats, his padded girdle to quite a few bruises, my son has become a football player. #72 for the JV Fighting Leeman - Right Offensive Tackle - Left Defensive Tackle, and even a little bit of Special Teams. 

I was impressed with the coaching staff the first time I met them at the parents' meeting a few weeks ago. It was stressed that the program does not have a "Win at all Costs" mentality, and that if you can't keep your grades up, keep your attitude in check, and keep your willingness to succeed in the forefront, you wouldn't play no matter who you were - even the starting Quarter Back. Plus, the coaches don't beat around the bush. They tell it like it is. Just in the short amount of time #1 Son has been with the team, I have seen a positive change in him. Not that he's ever been a problem child or anything like that, but he seems to have matured over the summer (shh...don't tell him I said that!). He seems more responsible and disciplined. If nothing else, he's gotten a great workout and built up a few muscles and endurance!
The first scrimmage was this past Saturday, and I couldn't have been prouder! He looked so comfortable on the line, like he'd been playing for years. Are there things he can work on? Sure! But, he wasn't timid and he played until the whistle sounded. He even made a block that cut off the side and opened up room so the play could progress. Not bad for a first-timer I'd say. A friend at church, who's son has been playing football since he was old enough to play and who is also on the JV team, told me that #1 Son looked really good. Again, I couldn't have been prouder. Scrimmage #2 is tomorrow, so we'll see what the full week of practice, plus watching films, brings out in him.



He's really enjoying football so far, and he told the Hubster the other day that he wishes he had started playing sooner. Well, son, you can't go back so enjoy every moment from this second forward, and if you never play another season after this one (but I sure hope you do!) I know that you will have learned and grown tremendously through this experience.

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