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Friday, April 13, 2012

Books, Books, Books!

I love books! Cookbooks, craft books, fiction, non-fiction…it doesn’t matter.  While there is something fundamental (and rather appealing) about touching, and holding, and the smell of an actual book, I have grown to really adore the Kindle app on my iPhone.  Since I usually have my phone with me wherever I go, it’s so convenient! Plus, always has free books to download! Both Pixel of Ink and Inspired Reads are great resources for finding those freebies.  Right now, I have 531 books (should I be concerned about this???) that I have gotten for FREE!  I didn’t pay a penny for either the app or the books.  How cool is that?  Here are some books that are currently free on

How to De-Clutter and Make Money Now
Heart of Gold
The Vengeance Squad
Saving Hope: Men of the Texas Rangers, Book 1

Another site I love is Goodreads. I can keep track of the books I’m reading and my progress; I can add books to my to-be-read list; and, I can follow my friends to see what they’ve been reading (and they can follow me). 

OverDrive is also awesome!  You can only access it if you have an active library card for your local library, though. With OverDrive, you are able to check-out eBooks, audio books, music and videos and download them to your favorite electronic device.  What I love best about this service is that there are NO late fees!  Once your loan time is up, the book (or whatever you’ve checked out) just disappears from your device.  I listened to two audiobooks on our trip to Ohio over Christmas, which was great because I get terribly carsick if I try to read in the car.  Check with your local library to see if they participate.

With all of this digital greatness we are surrounded by, don’t forget to visit your local library and check-out some good, ol’ hardcopy books regularly.  Our local libraries will continue to lose funding, and employees, if we don’t show our support!

P.S. I didn't finish my book last night, but I did whittle it down to only 42 pages remaining.  Hopefully this weekend!

Edit: One thing I should note about the free books on Amazon, some don't stay free for long! Sometimes, you just have to be quick.

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  1. Yay libraries! Not that I'm biased or anything ;)